Potential Themes and Topics 

We are looking for manuscripts that focus on the following topics. If you have an idea for a manuscript, or want to talk more about a topic, please email aboutcampus@vt.edu.

  • Space matters: Using environment to promote learning
  • Helping students navigate the learning moments of sex, sexuality, and society
  • Learning from popular culture, music, and media
  • Learning to change your mind: institutional and personal transformation
  • Equipping students to raise unsettling questions
  • Learning from literature: A vehicle for change
  • Learning in the midst of technology and the digital age
  • From Selfie to Selfless: Learning the depths of service
  • Finding life: Wholeness as a priority for living
  • Revisiting practices that work: Student success
  • Cognitive neuroscience: How new discoveries from brain research can inform studentlearning
  • Money matters: The costs of student learning
  • Learning amidst conflict, failure, and bad ideas
  • Identities intersections: Integrating ourselves
  • Innovation, creativity, hope, and the possibilities for learning
  • Measuring learning: How do we know what we know?
  • Year 2020: Justice, inclusivity and the state of diversity in higher education


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