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The Heart of Our Practice: The Stories We Carry with Us
Frank Shushok, Jr.

“Five years ago this spring, I wrote an article for About Campus called ‘When Good People Happen to Bad Things’. Back then, I was one year into my role at Virginia Tech, where many good people were beginning to experience the odd truth that tragedy, albeit unfortunate and difficult, may foster openness to the biggest questions of life and learning. This has certainly been the case in my life…”

Feature Articles

Continuity and Change: 20 Years of About Campus

George D. Kuh

As part of our ongoing recognition of About Campus‘ 20th anniversary, Kuh looks back at some of the topics covered in the first year of the publication.

Compassionate Complexity: Learning on the Frontlines of Campus Tragedy
Katie L. Treadwell

Treadwell interviewed 11 student affairs leaders who managed crisis responses to high-profile campus tragedies. From the variety of unique experience, Treadwell distills two common themes: complexity and compassion.

Toward a Trauma-Informed Practice: What Educators Need to Know
Tricia R. Shalka

Shalka brings to our attention the ubiquity of the experience of trauma among college students. Because trauma affects survivors’ capacity to learn and grow, this is an important issue for higher education.

Views from Campus

A Visit with Nikki Giovanni
Nikki Giovanni

In a freewheeling conversation with About Campus Executive Editor Frank Shushok, Jr., the accomplished poet, activist, and educator, comments on a variety of topics significant to higher education.

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