About Campus is a scholarly magazine that focuses on bringing theory to life in stories of practical application as a way to enrich the student learning experience. The magazine seeks to be a space where authors engage in storytelling that highlight day-to-day praxis for postsecondary educators on and off college campuses. The magazine’s readership is wide and far-reaching, including a diverse array of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and policy-makers across educational contexts. With this readership in mind, authors are invited to use theory, practical experiences, and conceptual thinking to illuminate approaches to ongoing challenges facing postsecondary education. 

About Campus prioritizes manuscripts that focus on timely and pressing issues affecting student affairs and higher education contexts. Authors are encouraged to focus their manuscripts on pressing issues and how they can imagine alternative, emancipatory, and/or liberatory possibilities in education. In this way, About Campus offers a space for authors and readers to continue collectively reimagining the field of higher education. 

About Campus publishes articles revolving around three main focal areas:

  1. College students: the magazine advances critical understandings about who college students are and the environments in which they live, learn, work, think, play, and get to know themselves and others. We invite submissions that detail rich, complex, and compelling narratives about students and student learning in postsecondary educational contexts. 
  2. Student affairs praxis: the magazine invites work that advances knowledge on pressing issues while challenging dominant narratives of student affairs work. We invite submissions that explore innovative and exciting directions in the application of theory to practice to enhance student learning.
  3. The process and values of postsecondary education: the magazine amplifies work that focuses on education as a process and its varied effects on the student learning experience. We encourage submissions that invite readers to wrestle with the complex challenges facing postsecondary education, especially those that offer fresh perspectives and creative, transformative approaches to addressing those challenges.

About Campus addresses these aims by offering authors multiple possible article types which provide an in-depth exploration of a timely topic (Campus Feature), profile an innovative campus practice or program (In Practice), examine assessment practices around student learning (Taking the Pulse), feature first-person stories of educational praxis (View from Campus) or claim a stance regarding a compelling campus issue (Bottom Line).