‘Round About Campus is a monthly podcast focused on deepening commitments to transformative educational praxis. An interview-based podcast, ‘Round About Campus seeks to talk with people across the student affairs and higher education landscape about how they envision new, innovative, and engaging ways to further student learning and development. A compliment to the About Campus scholarly magazine, ‘Round About Campus serves up bite-sized episodes where hosts and guests alike seek to be good company with listeners as we collective explore answers to the question: what’s next in student affairs praxis?

Round About Podcast Logo with letters in red text on a campus map background.The inaugural first season of the podcast explores the dynamics of equity in higher education. Each episode will bring you a conversation with different folks dreaming, thinking about, and doing equity in higher education. Future episodes of Season 1 will be released every month.

‘Round About Campus is co-hostessed by Dr. Alex Lange (Colorado State University) and About Campus Executive Editor Dr. Z Nicolazzo (University of Arizona). The podcast publishes episodes during the academic calendar year, taking breaks for summer and winter leaves. If you have ideas for people to feature or topics to cover, let us know by reaching us at [email protected]