Celebrating 20 years of About Campus

For the past 20 years About Campus has brought student learning to the forefront of higher education and student affairs. To ensure the longevity of this unique publication, an extraordinary group of people came together and built About Campus around the tenets of excellent scholarship, strength in community, and sharing practice for educators everywhere. Twenty years later, we aspire to continue this tradition.

About Campus Originals

About Campus is a bimonthly publication for educators who want to examine contemporary issues, policies, and practices that influence student learning in higher education. About Campus speaks to a broad  audience including college and university administrators, faculty, staff, and educational policy makers.

The articles published in About Campus share important discoveries and insights into what makes a campus environment an effective place for students to learn and what can be done to better support student thriving on our individual and collective campuses.

About Campus is not formatted as an academic journal. The content, while thoroughly grounded in theory, is communicated in accessible language, with emphasis on new knowledge, fresh perspectives, and the practical application of theory in practice. We strive to restore the human element to academic writing and seek the stories of educators who have something to say and a voice to say it with.

About Campus is published in partnership with ACPA—College Student Educators International and Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Brand.