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About Campus began as a publication intended to pull pockets of educators with innovative practices together. Starting the conversation about student learning was step one– continuing it was step two. Twenty years later, our editorial team understands the value of conversation in the a digital context. We are thinking about the role digital media plays in higher education today and aspire to use these resources to continue the conversation in a unique way that About Campus readers have never seen this publication do. Here we offer resources for your practice as an educator. Explore them for more information and add to the conversation!

Articles You Can Use to Start and Continue Conversations

These conversation-starters have been hand-picked by our Editorial Team from the entirety of published About Campus articles. Some are newer, some older, but all of them ask important questions and offer essential advice.

Interviews with Thought Leaders

Read through these candid conversations Executive Editor Frank Shushok, Jr. has with our contemporary thought leaders. From author and vulnerability-researcher Brene Brown to American political scientist and diplomat Condoleezza Rice to New York Times columnist and educator David Brooks, there is an interview waiting for you that will change the way you think about higher education.

Potential Themes and Topics 

We are looking for manuscripts that focus on the following topics. If you have an idea for a manuscript, or want to talk more about a topic, please email [email protected].

  • Space matters: Using environment to promote learning
  • Helping students navigate the learning moments of sex, sexuality, and society
  • Learning from popular culture, music, and media
  • Learning to change your mind: institutional and personal transformation
  • Equipping students to raise unsettling questions
  • Learning from literature: A vehicle for change
  • Learning in the midst of technology and the digital age
  • From Selfie to Selfless: Learning the depths of service
  • Finding life: Wholeness as a priority for living
  • Revisiting practices that work: Student success
  • Cognitive neuroscience: How new discoveries from brain research can inform studentlearning
  • Money matters: The costs of student learning
  • Learning amidst conflict, failure, and bad ideas
  • Identities intersections: Integrating ourselves
  • Innovation, creativity, hope, and the possibilities for learning
  • Measuring learning: How do we know what we know?
  • Year 2020: Justice, inclusivity and the state of diversity in higher education