Editor’s Note

On Teaching Empathy
by Frank Shushok, Jr.

My good friend Scott Moore once told me that he doesn’t like the common saying, “Let’s agree to disagree.” Instead, he prefers, “Let’s keep disagreeing.” The first statement indicates a discussion is over and that the parties agree to move along, often in different directions. But “let’s keep disagreeing” emphasizes a continued commitment to conversation. Executive Director Cindi Love (interviewed in this issue) says it another way. She believes there’s value in simply “staying in the room” with people with whom she deeply disagrees.

Feature Articles

Interview with ACPA – College Student Educators International Executive Director Cindi Love
by Cindi Love

Cindi Love shares her colorful work history—from working with African American students in Louisiana during desegregation to creating an INC 500 company—and her overriding commitment to human dignity throughout.

On Being a Parent
by Merrily S. Dunn

Merrily Dunn shares how media and academic stereotypes of parents of college students have affected her as an educator and a parent. She challenges us to consider the cultural scripts that create our attitudes toward parents and recognize the many different stories that our students and their families bring with them to campus.

Foster Youth: Supporting Invisible Students through Visibility
Ronald E. Hallett and Melinda A. Westland

Ronald E. Hallett and Melinda A. Westland share their experiences working with students who have “aged out” of the foster system and provide an outline for how to support this special population.

Views from Campus

Encounters with Angels: A struggle to Return Home from Study Abroad
by Eva Rodriguez and Susan Longerbeam

Eva Rodriguez and Susan Longerbeam describe their challenging story of how ­navigating US Immigration illuminated the necessity of active support amidst ­randomness in their work with students.

Bottom Line

High Anxiety in Higher Education
by Robert A Bonfiglio

Robert A. Bonfiglio continues his musings on anxiety in higher education and concludes that we need to disrupt the “us vs. them” mentality that has led us here.


Erratum for “Internalizing Higher Education and Student Affairs”
by Dennis C. Roberts

Dennis C. Roberts shares how seven years working in higher education in the Middle East has shaped his perspective on the importance and potential of international education.