Editor’s Note

The Stories We Find Ourselves In
by Frank Shushok, Jr.

When the first edition About Campus hit mailboxes in March 1996, I was living in Flagstaff, Arizona, serving in my first higher education role, fresh out of a master’s degree program, feeling truly all about campus. Now 20 years have passed, and it’s time to celebrate.

Feature Articles

Shaping the Future: Lessons from the Past
Susan Komives

In this article, Susan shares her reflections on her experiences from her first year of college in 1964 to the upcoming “51st anniversary of her 18th birthday” and shares the five lessons she has learned over her impressive career.

An Interview with Charles C. Schroeder
Charles C. Schroeder and Frank Shushok Jr.

Using the 20th anniversary of About Campus as an opportunity to look back and see where we’ve come from as well as look ahead and consider where we want to go next, the current executive editor, Frank Shushok, interviews one of the first executive editors, Charles Schroeder.

Scholarship Reconsidered: Past, Present, and Future
Drew Moser and Todd Ream

Moser and Ream “explore, reflect upon, and critique Boyer’s views and their impact on the academy, including their usefulness for future generations of higher-education practitioners, policy makers, scholars, and graduate students.” They discuss the significance of Boyer’s ideas on the current issue of increasing reliance on adjunct faculty in higher education.

Bottom Line

From Zombies to Frontal Lobes: A Reading List on or About Your Brain
Alan M. Schwitzer

Neuroscience is everywhere– from pop culture to higher education. Alan Schwitzer, a psychology and professor of counseling, makes some entertaining and informational reading suggestions to help us educate ourselves on this timely and useful subject.

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